Ingredients Keto Electrolytes

The Electrolytes In Each Vegecapsule


Magnesium (35mg per capsule, from Magnesium Glycinate):

  • Magnesium is involved in hundreds of biochemical reactions in your body. It helps to regulate blood pressure, keep bones strong, and much more.
  • We use Magnesium Glycinate, a bio-available source of Magnesium.

Sodium (165mg per capsule, from Sodium Chloride):

  • Sodium (Salt) helps balance levels of fluid and electrolytes in the body.
  • During a Keto diet, Sodium is often the first electrolyte to be lost. The clearance of ketones causes the body to lose sodium.
  • In addition, you are likely getting a lot less Sodium having cut out processed foods and other typical food sources like bread.

Calcium (50mg per capsule, from Calcium Carbonate):

  • Calcium helps build strong bones, promote muscle contraction and helps your blood clot. Naturally, we pee calcium out.
  • On a ketogenic diet, this is accelerated as we tend to urinate more (our body doesn't hold on to water via glycogen stores).

Potassium (50mg per capsule, from Potassium Chloride):

  • Potassium helps with water balance, digestion and muscle contraction.
  • Similar to Sodium, it is one of the first electrolytes to get peed out when we go on a Ketogenic diet.
  • Naturally, you can get Potassium in leafy greens like Spinach.

Keto Electrolytes Can Be a Natural And Nutritious Addition to Your Keto Journey.

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