Ingredients Pure Bacopa Monnieri

The Ingredients In Each Pure Bacopa Monnieri Vegecapsule:

bacopa monnieri brahma

Bacopa Monnieri (500mg per vegecapsule):

  • Bacopa Monnieri, also known as "Brahmi", was so revered in ancient India that it was named after the Hindu creator god Brahma.
  • The 6th century A.D Sanskrit book "the Great Trilogy" first categorizes the herb as a Medhya Rasayana (medhya meaning intellect; Rasayana meaning rejuvenation).
hpmc vegetarian capsules

HPMC Vegetarian Capsule

  • HPMC vegetarian capsules are made out of cellulose, a natural polymer and fiber.
  • Vegetarian capsules are easier on our digestive systems than harder gelatin capsules.

Lifetropics Pure Bacopa Monnieri can be a natural and nutritious addition to your diet.

lifetropics pure bacopa monnieri