Phase II Liver Detox Kit

⭐ TWO SUPPLEMENTS TO BOOST PHASE 2 LIVER DETOX - This kit contains Pure Broccoli and Pure Calcium D-Glucarate, two natural supplements proven to improve our liver's phase 2 detoxification.

🍃 ESSENTIAL FOR ESTROGEN METABOLISM - In phase 2 detoxification, your liver binds up dirty estrogen metabolites (and toxins) for excretion. 

🍃 TAKE WITH DIM (DIINDOLYLMETHANE) - DIM works to enhance phase 1 liver detox, which is the breaking down of estrogen. This needs to be flushed out, which is where phase 2 liver detox comes in. Both phases need to be working optimally to properly balance estrogen levels. 

🥦 INCLUDES: PURE BROCCOLI- A powerful antioxidant that activates the liver's phase 2 detoxification process to get rid of unwanted estrogenic hormones.

🍎 INCLUDES: PURE CALCIUM D-GLUCARATE - Activates phase 2 detoxification enzymes and also prevents the re-absorption of estrogen in the digestive tract.

🍃 TAKE 1 PER DAY -Take one vegecapsule of Pure Broccoli and Pure Calcium D-Glucarate each day with a meal. For best results, also take it with DIM (Diindolylmethane).