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Hi! Thanks for being here. This is Our Story...

Getting the right foods and nutrients into your body can feel like a world of difference!

Jonathan Lewell and Oi Cheepchaiissara, international best-selling food author from Thai Food Secrets, have created a line of nutrition supplements, just for you.

“Lifetropics is for people who want to improve their lives with quality natural nutrition supplements."

It’s no mystery why so many people still believe nutrition supplements don't work.

The industry is filled with so many different brands claiming miracle benefits, that it's easy to dismiss them all as being "too good to be true."

And when you do try one of these supplement brands, there is a chance that you won't feel any real differences. Remember that last multi-vitamin you had?

Maybe the dosages were too weak, or the formulation didn't make sense, or the quality of the ingredients weren't up to scratch. Nonetheless, the supplement did not have the effect you paid for.

jonathan lewell
oi cheepchaiissara

I, Jonathan Lewell, and Oi Cheepchaiissara, international best selling food author, teamed up to start Lifetropics.

Our mission is to offer clean, natural nutrition that can really have a profound impact on your life.

It is a big statement, but first, I would ask you to read some of our real and third-party verified reviews on this page.

Here are 3 quotes (out of 250+ five star reviews):

  • "Life changing"
  • "I feel refreshed and in control"
  • "I have tried just about every menopause remedy on the market and these are the only ones that work for me."

Sometimes, we receive some truly amazing feedback, and it's really all down to the quality of our products.

Our products always commit to 3 key rules:

  • Our ingredients must be clean - We do not use any unnecessary ingredients, or preservatives, or tablet binding agents (that's why we use vegetarian capsules, instead).
  • Our ingredients must be naturally occurring - We only use ingredients that you can find in nature.
  • Our ingredients must have scientific research behind them - We use ingredients backed by scientific studies proving their effectiveness.