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How Choline Builds Your Brain-Cells [Video]

Dr. Steven Zeisel is one of the pioneers in studying the effects of Choline on cognition. He did an absolutely fantastic interview recently with SmartDrugSmarts.

He says Choline is one of the most important B-Vitamins we can get. It plays 2 significant roles:

First, it builds the outer layers around our brain-cells called our cell membranes. Second, it creates our "learning" neurotransmitter chemical called Acetylcholine.

Watch the Video Here

Video Notes:

  • Choline is used to build the wrappers around your brain-cells called membranes.
  • Choline creates the main neurotransmitter Acetylcholine. Acetylcholine transports information around the brain and body – especially to your hippocampus (memory center), frontal cortex (thinking center) and to your muscles.
  • Brain development has been seen to correlate with Choline intake during human trials at Harvard School of Public Health – we can now predict the cognitive performance of a 7 year old since their Choline intake during pregnancy!
  • The number of nerve stem cells created in the brain has been studied to depend on Choline intake during pregnancy.
  • The hippocampus and frontal cotex development in the brain has been studied to correlate with Choline intake during pregnancy (mice studies).
  • The layering of the frontal cortex (layers that talk to other areas of the brain) did not form when Choline was too low (mice studies).
  • Certain people with slight variations in their genes are more susceptible to Choline deficiency and the consequences of this: poor brain development and memory function, liver disease, poor muscle function.
  • Listen to the full interview here with Dr. Steven Zeisel.

The best Choline supplements:

  • Alpha GPC - the highest concentrated Choline supplement available. Typically the most expensive.
  • CDP Choline - the second highest concentrated Choline supplement. Essentially it's just as good as Alpha GPC, although some people may prefer one or the other.

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