How Do Nootropics Work? [Video]

The basics behind memory, motivation and relaxation

You've read about how nootropics can effect our memory, motivation and relaxation... But how does this work?

After watching this video, you'll find out just how you can change your own brain chemistry to feel the way you want. Hint: It's all in your neurons and neurotransmitters.

Video Notes:

  • Neurons are your brain-cells - they act like telecommunication towers and send information to one another around your brain.
  • Neurotransmitters are your chemical messengers - they send information from neuron to neuron.
  • Your neurotransmitter receptors "catch" the information at each neuron. There are different kinds of neurotransmitters:
  • Acetylcholine typically sends memory and muscle messages.
  • Dopamine sends messages of motivation.
  • Serotonin sends messages of pleasure.
  • GABA sends messages of relaxation.

Nootropics Mentioned:

Jonathan Lewell

Jonathan Lewell

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