Keto Electrolytes

🌲 FOR KETOGENICS NEEDING HYDRATION - Our Keto Electrolytes blends together four minerals: Magnesium, Sodium, Calcium and Potassium.

🏔 RICH IN MINERALS - Each vegecapsule includes 35mg of Magnesium, 165mg of Sodium, 50mg of Calcium and 80mg of Potassium.

💥 SUPERIOR QUALITY - This supplement features high quality and bio-available sources of these minerals.

90 VEGECAPSULES - Each bottle contains 90 vegecapsules, which are easier on your digestive system than gelatin capsules.

🐦 MADE BY LIFETROPICS® - We create products to help people live fit, healthy and meaningful lives.

Four Electrolyte Minerals for Anyone on their Keto Journey.

Keto Electrolytes contains four different electrolyte minerals to help any Keto dieter to stay hydrated: Magnesium, Sodium, Calcium and Potassium.

During Keto, we tend to excrete these electrolytes at a faster rate. To help with hydration and feel on top of your game, consider taking Keto Electrolytes.

A Supplement to Stay Hydrated on Keto

Each vegecapsule of Keto Electrolyes includes: Magnesium (35mg), Sodium (165mg), Calcium (50mg) and Potassium (80mg).

Simply take one vegecapsule each morning with a meal.

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The Electrolytes In Each Vegecapsule


Magnesium (35mg per capsule, from Magnesium Glycinate):

Magnesium is involved in hundreds of biochemical reactions in your body. It helps to regulate blood pressure, keep bones strong, and much more. We use Magnesium Glycinate, a bio-available source of Magnesium.


Sodium (165mg per capsule, from Sodium Chloride):

Sodium (Salt) helps balance levels of fluid and electrolytes in the body. During a Keto diet, Sodium is often the first electrolyte to be lost. The clearance of ketones causes the body to lose sodium. In addition, you are likely getting a lot less Sodium having cut out processed foods and other typical food sources like bread.


Calcium (50mg per capsule, from Calcium Carbonate):

Calcium helps build strong bones, promote muscle contraction and helps your blood clot. Naturally, we pee calcium out. On a ketogenic diet, this is accelerated as we tend to urinate more (our body doesn't hold on to water via glycogen stores).


Potassium (50mg per capsule, from Potassium Chloride):

Potassium helps with water balance, digestion and muscle contraction. Similar to Sodium, it is one of the first electrolytes to get peed out when we go on a Ketogenic diet. Naturally, you can get Potassium in leafy greens like Spinach.

Keto Electrolytes Can Be a Natural And Nutritious Addition to Your Keto Journey.

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